Lighting the Way With Love

Life is a curious thing. It has these secret intentions, and if we quiet and settle our minds just enough, we can hear and see what life is trying to teach us. While our winters are dark on the outside, they are truly more luminous than any other time of the year. 
November and December are filled with holidays of light - reminding us that when life appears dark and cold on the outside, the real light, the real flame and fire is within ourself. 
Darkness is an opportunity to fade out all external distractions and draw our focus on the light that really matters- the light that sparks curiosity, inspiration, and personal evolution. In this great big world filled with infinite opportunity, finding our true and most authentic self is really a process of uncovering. We must remove the layers that we, and society impose on us which cloud our purpose and joy. When we shine our most authentic self, we give others permission to be their most authentic selves, too. 
As we light candles in our holiday celebrations and welcome a new year, we are reminded of the opportunity to rekindle the deepest and brightest light within our own self. How are we nourishing, supporting, the light within ourself? How are we nourishing, supporting, or impacting the light in others? Are we suffocating our light with too much “stuff?” What are the physical things we can eliminate? What are the emotional things we can eliminate to allow our light to shine? 
Often, we get further and deeper in purpose and joy by letting go.  We often hold on to “stuff” out of a place of fear; the more we are able to identify what we are holding onto out of fear, the more we can identify what we can let go of so we can truly feel free, light, resilient and strong. 
When we embrace our darkness, we can study it rather than fear it. With compassion and objective curiosity, we conquer darkness, and are not afraid to hide in its shadows. That power, that courage, that truth, is our light, and it's exquisite luminosity guides our way. 
When we honor what we need, and eliminate what we don’t, we GLOW. 
Light changes our perspective; it creates clarity where we may have had misapprehension or inaccurate perception. Light is nourishing to every cell in our body; it not only warms us from the outside in, but is the kindling for profound personal transformation from the inside out.  
Seeds sprout from a place of total darkness, pushing their way towards the light. Somehow, they miraculously know which way to grow - towards the light.  If other plants lured them in other directions, they would never bloom - listen to your heart, and cultivate the sensitivity to know your purpose, and the strength to clear obstacles out of your way - whether those obstacles are from the outer world, or within our mind. 
Whether we are energized by the light of the sun or nourished by the  soothing light of the moon, we are constantly reminded that we are the source of light. And, when we embrace any lingering darkness with compassion and objective curiosity, we can study it rather than fear it. 
Fear suddenly becomes lighter, freer. 
We suddenly feel lighter and freer. 
We see and experience all of life with greater clarity, joy, and love.
Thank you to those who light up my life and all those who serve as a radiant reminder to shine our brightest each and every day.  Your joy, your unique purpose, and your love are RADIANT.  As you experience the beauty and warmth of lights this holiday season, know that YOU are that light.  May this holiday season and new year illumine your best year yet.  

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