We’re so proud of the individuals that have come together to make Kioko the exceptional physiotherapy and yoga + Pilates studio it is today. We believe that energies are contagious, and we are grateful to attract and employ the kindest and brightest.

Beatriz Lizaso


C1 Certified Schroth-Barcelona Scoliosis Therapist

Director of Women’s Health Program at Kioko

Beatriz is a board certified and FL licensed Physical Therapist with over 20 years of clinical experience. She is a leading expert in the field of Women’s Health Rehabilitation, having dedicated her career to studying with world experts in pre and post natal health,  pelvic floor health, osteoporosis, and more.


Beatriz is certified as an UE Lymphedema Therapist, bringing her expertise to women who have had to undergo breast reconstruction.  

She is also a Schroth-Barcelona Certified Therapist in the

non-operative management of spinal and postural imbalances through the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School (BSPTS).

In addition to her physiotherapy skills, Beatriz is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher and is certified in both the classical and rehabilitation approaches.


Beatriz’s passion is bridging the benefits of pilates as fluid, whole body movement with the core stability and unique needs that are specific to women’s health and spine health.


Beatriz is committed to helping her clients achieve the best outcomes possible, and empowers them with the tools and skills to be their best self from the inside out.

Her approach is welcoming, insightful, effective and brilliant.



LMT - Licensed Massage Therapist

Vanessa believes that massage therapy is a powerful and essential asset that contributes to a person’s overall wellbeing for the mind, body, and spirit. She understands that every person is unique, and comes to the table with experiences that often manifest as restrictions in the physical body. Through listening to the body and thoughtful communication, Vanessa has a warm and collaborative approach that helps her clients to reach their specific goals in a very efficient manner. Her therapeutic approach is thorough, soothing, and effective. Clients find her work to be truly transformative. 

Vanessa’s extensive experience working in medical offices and resort spas has given her the tools to offer a unique experience to every person she welcomes in her massage room. She brings a vast array of expertise to best serve her clients, whether it be deep tissue, cupping, reflexology, pre-natal, swe-thai,  medical massage, Ayruvedic Massage, or more.  

Ayruveda is central to Vanessa’s approach in life, as it teaches us that optimal health is achieved when we support the body as a whole entity;  subtle shifts in areas that are out of balance can promote profound changes throughout multiple systems of the body, having a significantly positive impact on the quality of our movements, digestion, thought patterns, sleep, breath, and more. We invite you to experience one of the best massages you will ever have.

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Luisa Martinez

Administrative Assistant

Hello! My name is Luisa Martinez. I just graduated from Florida Atlantic University this Spring 2020. I majored in Heath Science and minored in Health Administration. I plan on getting my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and I am currently in the process of applying to local programs.


My faith is a beautiful part who I am, and I trust that Christ has the best plan for me! When I am not studying or working for my amazing boss, Meredith, I am either flowing on my mat, sweating through a HIIT class, or spending quality time with my amazing boyfriend, family and friends.


Mercy Johnson

Administrative Assistant

Mercy Johnson brings a wealth of resources to Kioko. As part of the administrative assistant team, Mercy helps  coordinate client visits and keeps the office running seamlessly and efficiently.  Her soft-spoken nature reflects the kind and resilient joy with which she approaches life.


As a former state leader in competitive swimming and water polo during her High School career, Mercy is now studying political science and pre-law at FAU. We are so lucky to have her as part of our team.