A Phenomenal Week of Learning and Bridge Building

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Stretching my legs at Moraine Lake on our free afternoon.

As I make my way through every corner of this continent this month with LA currently hosting as a momentary stopover, I am struck with profound gratitude. (Which is kind of ironic after a ridiculously long trek and navigating LAX which seems to be a hybrid of perpetual rock concert meets zoo.)

As I prepare to switch “mental” gears from a deeply progressive and cutting-edge scientific conference to a deeply somatic and visceral yoga of fulfillment workshop later this week at the Himalayan Institute, it could superficially appear as if my life couldn’t be more opposite – but the reality is it is in perfect harmony. My spiritual and meditation practice allows me to have tremendous gratitude for all the experiences and lessons in all facets of my life – the good and the seemingly “less desirable.” But I’ve realized those “less desirable” lessons and observations have nudged me to forge my own right path, just as water or any substance finds its right path when there’s flooding. My practice has helped me to extract and digest life experience to help nourish my heart, mind, and soul.

As I continue to mourn for the recent passing of a brilliant uncle, I hold deep and dear in my heart one of the best lessons he taught “by example”: he was always truly, sincerely, authentically happy for all his peers, family, and friends upon their achievements and success. No ego. No agenda. Just sharing the joy of success from hard work and focus, and allowed authentic and light space for the other person to share their experience. Much too often in life ego and agenda block authentic experience as well as limit and fog the power for clear vision. I hope to continue to quietly promote Gerry’s way, of living “by example.”

Bridge building with enthusiasm, love and deep curiosity to learn more.

I applaud and celebrate my friends’ and colleagues’ brilliant achievements as we push the boundaries of discovery, both in the physical world as well as within our own self. I am so grateful for your friendship, your natural ability to up my fun factor, and your faith and support. And, the more opposite my life may seem at times, the more similar my experiences regardless of professional “venue.” Pushing boundaries of what I am capable of both in mind as well as heart and body.

Bravo! Schroth/BSPTS Therapists made up up over 10% of total attendants.

Thank you to all the brilliant souls who made this past week as fun and enriching as it was, and to more brilliant souls from my Parayoga sangha that I’ll be seeing in the eastern mountain range later this week. But the biggest gratitude is for my family that supports my never ending thirst for knowledge, and just being who they are, individually, and collectively.

I can only hope in some way that my experience encourages my own children to light their own right path with faith, with courage, compassion and grace – knowing and feeling the same boundless support they give me. From peak to peak, thank you for the incredible discoveries along the journey. Too many people to tag – you know who you are.

Representatives of many of the world's PSSE schools (SCHROTH, BSPTS, SEAS, DOBOMED, MEHTA)


Meredith is a board certified and FL licensed Physical Therapist with specialty areas in orthopedic, scoliosis & postural dysfunction, vestibular & balance rehabilitation, and yoga therapy.

She is an advanced certified therapis (C2) in the Schroth Method for Scholiosis through the Barcelona Method for Scoliosis (BSPTS) under the wise guidance of Dr. Manual Rigo, and is a 500 hr Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (RYT), as well as a Certified Yoga Therapist through the highly respected International Associate of Yoga Therapy.